nine/won/one (flashbak)*

Looking out my window at cool blocks

vibrations at bus stops, bus rock my rhythm

writing offa my skull top

A second to reckon my past, it couldn’t last

got caught in the flash

but shoulda stash my cash

Thought life was like forever

All tears, some laughs

Wished that I could grow up

but still be 20 and a half

Now my eyes watch scenarios that’s realer than blood-baths

over oceans, the scuds crash

right here trades mash

humans into metal and glass

wipe the smile off my mask

they taking terror to task

making a cage for dat ass

mad sad days while we still waving the flag

digging through trash – graves by the mass

I pass

I hadda wake up

but still like walking a dream and talking a dream

Hoping like King to put some hope in this thing

Feeling shaky like I’m walking a string

tight squeeze up in the middle of the dope and it’s fiend

Just a little bit longer

waiting til I’m  stronger

maybe til I’m richer or bigger til I deliver the full force

full course got served up

Before you know dessert’s up

too late to get worked up

Chains become digital

Control, subliminal

Independence is criminal

Kids are getting cynical

times are real

wanna cling to my umbilical

Write lines with swiftness

cause time is minimal

Watch the cool blocks

vibrations at bus stops

bus rock my rhythm

I write offa my skull top

Jus a second to ponder the past

It couldn’t last

got caught up in the flash

I shoulda stashed my cash.

-New York, Nov. 2001

* from Motion In Poetry

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