A DJ and a Screenwriter take to the Tribeca Film Festival to embark on a multi-sensory perspective remixing the worlds of word and sound. Inspired by the over 30 international women filmmakers – and 11 female directors from New York City – featured in this year’s festival, L’OQENZ and MOTION (hailing from Toronto) will explore the artists, films and events that make up this cutting edge cauldron of creativity.

First Up: An exclusive Tribeca Film Fest Mixer by L’OQENZ! According to the renowned DJ and producer;

“My process for creating this mix included digging for music by New York natives, and those who developed their music careers in NYC. I selected everything from hip hop to rock, soul, jazz, infused with clips from some of the featured films.”

Expanding on their collaborations – from music, to theatre to film – these two women creators bring their inter-disciplinary POV to the festival. According to award-winning poet, playwright, screenwriter MOTION;

“We want to paint the picture of how diverse women are in art, music and film. Tribeca Film Festival provides the perfect climate to connect with global artists and discover the depth of diverse stories.”

Motion and L’Oqenz’s coverage highlights TFF2015’s intersections of music and film, global voices and debut works.

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