11147140_10155496284340515_4285044999872190781_n“Now you’re looking at a Leader. Now you’re looking at a Queen!” – Mary J. Blige

Even in midst of the highest celebrity, the true Artist must take time to be with Self, and hear the changing tide of the voice inside. This is the prevailing message of the illuminating and anticipated new documentary “Mary J. Blige: the London Sessions” which premiers at Tribeca Film Festival. An inside view of a seminal moment in Mary J’s life & career, The London Sessions is a moving b&w journey into the burgeoning London scene, and the creative spaces that ignite a month of musical magic. We took in Mary’s collabos with songwriters and producers Darkchild, Sam Smith, Amelie, Naughty Boy, Jimmy Knapes and more. A journey that leads to an album written, recorded and mixed in 30 days, the film plays more like a pilgrimage – emotional and revealing – and explores a woman, artist and icon who exemplifies killer work ethic, a willingness to go deep, and transcend pain into strength. An inspiring insight into the artistic process and layer-by-layer creation. Now, we grew up with Mary. Came of age to the sounds of Hip Hop Soul Queen to the women and artists we are today. It’s inspiring to affirm, like the London Sessions, that the journey of personal and creative rebirth continues. #tff2015 @ellomelloqenz #motionliveeye

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