“Looked in the paper today -saw black faces in black veils – holding up black and white pictures of a black man / killed by white cops with black guns / in the black of night as he stood in the / white halls of his Boogie Down Bronx Building – still. ‘He fit the description of a black rapist’ said the white lawyers when the blacks came. He clutched a black wallet as the bullets rained – his white brain on the floor. Clear tears poured / like blood in the aftermath of disaster – and this black man is no more.”

– by motion, from Black & White – Motion In Poetry, 2002

Seeing this image at African Voices’ The Artivist Rises Exhibit immediately bought these words back to me, from a poem I wrote long ago, ‘Black & White’, and the moment I saw a picture of women marching with small #photos of #AmadouDiallo in ninety-nine, NYC. This image from those protests is now on the walls and pages of AfricanVoices, in 2015. #thestrugglecontinues #daretowin #motioninpoetry #blacklivesmatter

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