Sage Secrets is Watah Theatre’s Monthly Lecture Series honoring our sages amongst us; stalwarts of the community who have and continue to lay an impeccable foundation and example for us to emulate. Distinguished guest artists impart their knowledges through a lecture, interview and Q & A with current Artists-In-Residence as well as attending community members. Lectures are documented and published in a Sage Secrets anthology for the following season. The community is invited to join us each month, starting with our inaugural Sage- MOTION.

MOTION is an emcee, poet, playwright, screenwriter whose aural/sonic storytelling is a fusion of word, sound & drama for the stage and screen. With performances across Canada, the U.S, the Caribbean and in South Africa, her inter-creativity has been read in Motion in Poetry (Women’s Press), seen on stage with Aneemah’s Spot (MotionLive Collective), and experienced in the co-creation Nightmare Dream (ift Theatre/Obsidian). Her upcoming productions are the dramatic mixtape Oraltorio with DJ L’Oqenz, short film A Man’s Story (Bravo), feature film SoundGirl, and the opera Motherland (ift Theatre).

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