27 years after his passing, JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT‘s aura continues to rise. Infamous artist, actor, DJ  who came of age with the earliest of the New York Hip Hop and punk scenes, Basquiat has left an indelible cultural mark. From the millennial release of the lost film Downtown 81, to recent exhibits at the Brooklyn Museum and Toronto’s AGO, the life andart ofthe Graf artist once known as SAMO who went on to take the exclusive art world by storm, is now the intrigue of a new generation. Through words, sounds and visuals, his influence lives on.

What more fitting than a re:Mix of the voice, sounds and energy of this immersive artist by the multi-talented L’OQENZ. Also known by her production moniker NiteOwlNaps (NON), the producer & DJ has fused her passion for the art of Basquiat with her sonic musings, creating DOWNTOWN 81: A tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat. Premiered by OKAYPLAYER and presented by PIRATES BLEND, this debut is a MUST Listen, a journey through space, sound and time!

Tracks Produced/Remixed By: NON
Mix & Master By: Zoé Johnson of AFIMEarts
Artwork By: Felipe Velasquez | Graphics By: Blu

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